The Experience

Open Sky Training Camps where the atmosphere is friendly and focused on you having the weekend(s!) of training you dream of.

Each weekend includes various bike, run, and swim workouts. All levels are welcome and workouts will be adjusted accordingly. The schedule below varies depending on time of year and training goals.

Example Schedule


  • Arrive between 4PM and 10PM
  • Take a sunset run or bike
  • Enjoy a carb-loading meal
  • Share your training goals with a coach


  • Load up at the early breakfast bar
  • Set out on a bike and/or run recommended by a coach
  • Have a snack and stretch
  • Swim at a pool and receive instruction and individual feedback
  • Refuel at brunch
  • Relax and recharge
  • Get more miles in by taking another scenic bike or run
  • Gather for a delicious dinner
  • Get key tips ad insights on swimming or nutrition from the coach


  • Load up at the early breakfast bar
  • Set out on another bike and/or run recommended by a coach
  • Have a snack and stretch
  • Apply what you have learned about swimming in the open water
  • Relax and enjoy a well-earned BBQ lunch
  • Head home by 4PM

The cost of a weekend camp is $360. We recommend staying at our house in a shared room. Accommodations at the house are $135 total for two nights. Up to eight people can stay at the house generally based on a “first-come, first-serve” basis. However, rooms are shared and not all rooms have twin beds. We reserve the right to use our best judgment factoring in gender, couples, and friends, against available beds. There are many other affordable options for accommodations in the nearby. To check them out, go to the “Places to Stay” page. It is a good idea to sign up and request a room at the house as it does fill up.

Price is subject to change.


As mentioned, accommodations in the house are shared rooms with twin or double beds. Bathrooms are also shared by guests staying in multiple rooms. In the checkout section, you will see places to pick your weekend(s), and your first choice of accommodations. Here you will be able tell us about your preferences: shared room twin or double and if there is someone specific you would like to bunk with. We will notify you via email within 48 hours as to whether or not rooms are available.